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Discover the Ancient 'Forbidden Rice' that Revitalizes Every Single Cell in your Body!

University studies show it leads to a healthier heart, a stronger immune system, improved memory and more! Nature’s Most Incredible Gift!

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning, filled with the same “get up and go” you had in your twenties…

Imagine standing in front of the mirror and surprising yourself at how much younger you look and feel — even after years of physical neglect…

Imagine your couch-potato friends wondering where you get all your energy — and begging you to share your secret with them…

And maybe best of all…imagine that big smile on your doctor’s face as he notes the dramatic improvement in your cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure numbers and says, “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”  


Sound impossible?  It’s not. And you’re about to learn why.

  • Completely revitalize your heart and cardiovascular system… the most critical factor in staying healthy and independent into your 70s, 80s and 90s.
  • Guard against the twin evils of hidden inflammation and destructive free radical attacks — the top causes of premature aging.
  • Get rid of ‘brain fade’ and keep your mind and memory sharp. No more embarrassing senior moments!
  • Supercharge your energy levels at the cellular level…as well as reinforce your natural defenses against all kinds of illnesses and infections
  • Even REVERSE the damage that decades of poor health habits have done to your body… so you can stop worrying and start living again!


Amazingly enough, the news about this
health miracle was found hidden away in the
3,000-year-old medical books of Ancient China.

The health miracle was a powerful compound found in black rice and was reserved for only Emperors.

Today, modern science has unlocked the mystery and isolated the compound in black rice that is responsible for the profound health benefits for all who were fortunate enough to take it. It's called:

ProC3G™ (cyanidin-3-glucoside)

  • It helps clear away artery-clogging gunk...
  • It can improve your vision and ease joint pain and muscle stiffness...
  • It promotes healthier cholesterol for a brighter cardiovascular future...
  • It can boost cognitive function and support lifelong brain health...
  • It promotes healthy blood sugar and a strong immune response...
  • It even protects your DNA from abnormal cell damage so that healthy cells can continue to regenerate decade after decade!

Amazingly, ProC3G™ can do all this and more!


Scientists estimate that each healthy cell in your body is attacked by destructive Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) up to 10,000 times per day. It’s literally nonstop!

Even worse, when  ROS oxidizes healthy molecules, they form new ROS molecules. Cell oxidation accumulates and accelerates the decay of tissues and the decline of physical function.

And what you don’t feel — the cellular breakdown and DNA damage — is what really ages you before your time and can even kill you!

High levels of ROS contribute to at least 50 major diseases…from stiff arteries and high blood sugar to memory loss and heart problems.  They are the reason why scientists say to fight ROS free radicals as if our lives depend on it.

But unlike typical anthocyanins, ProC3G™ is more active and more absorbable into your body’s tissues and cells.  That’s why it is a near-miracle for protecting cells, tissues, and organs from health-sapping oxidative stress and inflammation… and why researchers can’t believe their eyes!


Even in the 21st century… ProC3G™
from Black Rice is still nearly impossible to find!

In order to fight off oxidative stress, your body needs all the support it can get. That’s why we combined ProC3G™ with six additional “youth activators”  and called it Vital-3CG. Just one capsule a day will help you triumph over pain, poor health and other pitfalls of aging!


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